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Vodafone Germany launches SmartPass Visa payment app in Germany

VodafoneVodafone Germany launched last week its new mobile wallet integrated with the SmartPass Visa payment app, and the solution will be supported by Wirecard.

The app will be launched in Dusseldorf, which has approximately 800 NFC acceptance points. The service will be expanded across all of Germany in early 2014.

“We have created the best possible conditions for ensuring that mobile payment can soon be entirely integrated in everyday life for everyone,” Frank Vahldiek, the director of consumer services and innovations at Vodafone Germany, said. “To achieve this, we started by setting a low barrier to entry. With our flexible range of services comprising NFC SIM cards and stickers, every mobile phone can be fitted with the contactless function. Through our collaboration with Wirecard, we not only have a card issuing financial institution, but also a very competent technological partner.”

Customers with NFC-enabled and wallet-certified smartphones will receive a SIM card with the NFC function, allowing them to pay using Vodafone SmartPass credit at all Visa-certified contactless payment terminals. Mobile phone users without integrated NFC capabilities can attach a SmartPass NFC sticker to their device.

Visa card information can be associated with an NFC SIM card or sticker to allow customers to make contactless tap and go payments. SmartPass users have access to real-time information on transaction history, automated notification of monetary transactions and account balances.

“Following the successful launch in Spain recently, we are delighted that we have been chosen to support Vodafone as it launches the Vodafone SmartPass mobile payment app in Germany,” Christian von Hammel-Bonten, the executive vice president of telecommunications at Wirecard, said. “This service is a core element of the new Vodafone wallet. We are confident that more and more consumers will discover the benefits of mobile payment.”

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