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VantageScore launches webcast series on credit score modeling

VantagescoreVantageScore Solutions announced on Tuesday the launch of a webcast series for risk management professionals aimed at helping them improve risk management practices under advances in credit score modeling and decision analytics.

The webcasts are designed to help risk analysts, credit policy professionals and other compliance officers address issues related to a new credit score model.

“These webcasts are an extension of the dialogue we’ve been having with lending institutions since the launch of VantageScore 3.0,” Sarah Davies, the senior vice president of analytics, research and product management at VantageScore Solutions. “In a post-recession lending environment, institutions are seeking tools such as VantageScore 3.0 that are designed to deliver maximum benefit given the current credit dynamics.”

VantageScore Solutions’ models, which were initially developed by credit reporting agencies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, are highly predictive and use a tri-bureau scoring methodology.

The webcast series leverages knowledge and experience from more than 25 industry experts who have implemented new credit scoring models in platforms at major lending institutions.

The first and second webcasts posted in the series provide information on analytic, process and reporting foundations necessary for credit score model conversion, as well as credit score migration trends and consumer credit management behaviors.

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