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UINT, Mereal Biometrics release smart card with fingerprint sensor

UINTUINT, a start-up business specializing in research and development of credit card solutions, together with Mereal Biometrics launched on Wednesday its powered smart card with an embedded fingerprint sensor.

The card, which was designed by UINT biometrics team and Mereal Biometrics President Patrick Partouche, provides for biometric identification and eliminates safety and security concerns—biometric data never leaves the card.

“With the wide deployment of biometrics and the rise in identity fraud, I have been advocating on simple but secure solution to enable trust with our customers, employees and partners” Partouche said.

Partouche’s solution is the first smart card with its own embedded fingerprint reader and can be used through numerous channels. It operates and releases holder’s rights through biometric ID to several applications, which is possible due to the internal contactless rechargeable power source.

“We bring to market an all in one card solution to protect assets but also the privacy of our card holders enabling new relations and services between parties,” UINT CEO Philippe Blot said.

The card will be showcased at an upcoming Cartes Event in Paris in November.

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