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UINT, Mereal Biometrics launch smart card using embedded fingerprint technology

UINTUINT and Mereal Biometrics recently launched a multi-application biometric smart card that uses Fingerprint Cards’ embedded fingerprint touch sensor and processor to enhance cardholder security.

“A new generation of Smart Card is born; for the first time a smart card is having its own embedded biometric fingerprint reader, performs the verification on board and can be used in multiple applications,” UINT CEO Philippe BLOT said. “Introducing biometrics into the smart card market means meeting the toughest industry requirements available when it comes to low power consumption, optimized form factor and robust sensor design. FPC’s fingerprint sensors meet these requirements and we are really excited to now introduce this biometric smart card to the market.”

The first applications of the card are physical and logical access control for French casino operator Partouche. The smart card is currently a finalist in the discovery category at the upcoming Cartes show in Paris and will be displayed by Mereal.

“This launch of a biometric smart card is a market break-through and marks a milestone for integrating biometrics into smart cards,” FPC President and CEO Johan Carlstrom said. “Security and protection of privacy has always been top priority in smart cards and the use of biometrics makes this possible with high user convenience. FPC’s fingerprint sensor technology meets the smart card industry’s strong technical requirements and together with UINT’s vast expertise in innovative card technologies this new biometric smart card has now reached the market. This launch is a major breakthrough and something that UINT, Mereal Biometrics and FPC has effortlessly been striving towards for four years and a confirmation of FPC’s world-leading position as a supplier of capacitive fingerprint technology, with highest quality, compact size and lowest power consumption.”

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