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U.S. Bank pilots voice biometric-enabled account management software

comp_1_logo-usbank-siteheaderU.S. Bank announced last week that its employees are currently piloting software that uses voice biometrics, allowing customers to speak a simple passphrase to access their credit card accounts on a mobile device.

The solution, developed by Nuance Communications, addresses security shortfalls in passwords and security questions. Voice biometrics allows consumers to be securely authenticated when they connect with a service provider through a call center, the internet or a mobile app.

“Voice biometrics is a unique identifier that will help us improve the customer experience,” Dominic Venturo, the chief innovation officer for U.S. Bank Payment Services, said. “Customers are becoming accustomed to using their voice to interact with their smartphones and can become frustrated with key entering passwords. Exploring a spoken passphrase login through this technology is a logical next step in our work in biometrics.”

The latest pilot builds on work initiated by U.S. Bank and Nuance in April, in which voice recognition was used to complete basic functions such as viewing account balances, searching transactions and making account payments.

“We’ve seen unprecedented growth in the adoption of voice biometrics as consumers worldwide have become used to more conversational engagement with their devices, apps and service experiences,” Robert Weideman, the executive vice president and general manager of the Nuance Enterprise Division, said. “Innovative organizations like U.S. Bank recognize that voice biometrics can bring a new level of convenience and security to the customer service experience. By eliminating the interrogation process that consumers are typically put through and replacing it with a natural, conversational voice interaction, companies can really start to reinvent their customer service experience.”

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