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MasterCard extends Priceless Cities program to Middle East, North Africa

220px-MasterCard_Logo.svgMasterCard launched its Priceless Arabia campaign earlier this week, bringing the Priceless Cities program to the Middle East and North Africa for the first time.

“We are delighted to introduce the Priceless Cities platform to our regional consumers, whose loyalty and engagement were the main motivation behind our initiative,” Eslam Darwish, the head of marketing for MasterCard Middle East and Africa, said. “This rollout demonstrates our continuous efforts to align ourselves with local audiences, and showcases our strong support to one of the world’s most iconic regions…At MasterCard, we have always believed that experiences are more important than material things and our cardholders can now make their experience in Arabia even more Priceless.”

Cardholders will have access to unique opportunities in travel, attractions, sports, dining, shopping and entertainment across Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Morocco, Kuwait and Bahrain.

“With its rich cultural heritage and booming tourism and travel sector, the Middle East is the ideal market to introduce our latest Priceless Cities campaign, which stresses the importance of memorable experiences rather than material things,” Raghu Malhotra, MasterCard’s Middle East and North Africa division president, said. “The Arab region shares many commonalities among its diverse population with its common language, cultural similarities and high interregional travel habits…This region will remain a strategic focus for MasterCard and as the program develops we will be creating even more priceless opportunities for both residents and overseas visitors.”

Priceless Arabia is an extension of the company’s Priceless Cities program, which was launched in New York City in 2011.

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