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MasterCard appoints Aaron Oliver to head MEA emerging payments

220px-MasterCard_Logo.svgMasterCard announced last week that it has appointed Aaron Oliver, a former senior mobile money business leader from Visa, to head its division for emerging payments in the Middle East and Africa.

“Aaron’s appointment as Head of Emerging Payments comes at an opportune time and we are confident that with his vast experience, we will continue to be at the vanguard of introducing pioneering products,” Michael Miebach, the president of MasterCard’s MEA division, said.

Oliver, who was formerly responsible for securing key customers for mobile money projects in Visa’s Asia Pacific region, will be responsible for introducing and managing emerging payment products.

Before joining Visa, Oliver held a number of leadership positions at Fundamo Asia, HSL Consulting, Utiba, SunGard Asia Pacific, CBS MarketWatch, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, SunGard Futures and Cray Research.

“MasterCard believes in a world beyond cash, and the world beyond cash is also a world beyond plastic,” Miebach said. “Emerging payment technology is a key driver in realizing this vision, opening access to the economic mainstream, providing profoundly new shopping experiences, and enabling millions of consumers to lead a more connected life – a life where the digital and physical worlds converge. The Middle East and Africa region includes some of the world’s fastest growing markets and new payment solutions that leverage tomorrow’s technology will play a key role in driving further growth.”

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