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Lebanese BLOM Bank launches MasterCard-backed effort to eliminate mines

220px-MasterCard_Logo.svgLebanon’s BLOM Bank recently announced the launch of the Save A Land campaign, a collaborative effort between the bank, MasterCard and the Lebanese Army, to be implemented under the MasterCard Giving initiative.

The campaign seeks to eliminate explosive mines from the country, and the bank is the main contributor to the survey conducted by the Lebanese Mine Action Center to ensure visitor safety.

“We announce the commencement of the survey that aims to ensure that this beautiful land is free from mines,” Saad Azhari, the chairman and general manager of BLOM Bank, said. “What we are doing today from Tannourine is part of the BLOM MasterCard ‘Giving’ Initiative fostered by BLOM Bank in collaboration with the Lebanese Mine Action Center unit in the Lebanese Army.”

The BLOM MasterCard Giving card is the first of its kind, combining the advantage of a credit card and the financial contribution of the Lebanese Mine Action Center. Since the card’s launch in 2010, more than 5,000 cards have been issued. Cardholders contribute towards eliminating mines in the country by using their cards to make purchases.

General Imad Odeimi, the director of the Lebanon Mine Action Center, affirmed the military’s dedication to eliminating mines to improve national safety.

“I pledge that we will not spare any effort in combining all our capacities to demine all the territory from Al-Madfoun to these beloved mountains…” Odeimi said. “I would also like to express deep gratitude to BLOM Bank and Mr. Azhari, Chairman and General Manager, and his team for the successes we achieved together throughout the last years through BLOM MasterCard ‘Giving’ Initiative.”

BLOM provides a range of banking services and is one of the oldest banks in Lebanon.

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