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Ingenico launches SEPA payment solution with Carrefour Banque, Auchan Group

IngenicoIngenico announced last week the deployment of a pilot payment solution with Carrefour Banque and Auchan Group across France, Spain and Portugal—part of an effort to encourage acceptance of SEPA payments and boost payment security.

“We are proud to be pioneering the deployment of a SEPA payment solution across several countries,” Ingenico Europe-SEPA Executive Vice President Pierre-Antoine Vacheron said. “This is an important step towards meeting the needs of the major retailers to manage their card payments in Europe.”

The announcement came just one day after the European Commission adopted a proposal to ensure the acceptance of non-SEPA payments for an additional six months. Payments within the SEPA are now expected to migrate to a new format by Aug. 1.

According to the commission, only 64.1 percent of credit transfers and 26 percent of direct debits were SEPA-compliant as of November.

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