Credit/Debit Cards

FIS launches Instant Card in-house card issuance for banks, credit unions

FISFIS Global announced on Monday the launch of Instant Card, which allows banks and credit unions to issue EMV-compliant credit, debit and prepaid cards on-the-spot at branch and store locations.

The cloud-based card solution, which is fully integrated with ePix, does not require server software or processing hardware—the company manages all elements of hardware, security, encryption and compliance.

“FIS is creating the most complete instant issue solution on the market, synchronizing in-branch and central fulfillment, while also fully integrating EMV,” Anthony Jabbour, the executive vice president of FIS North American financial institutions, said. “With FIS Instant Card, a bank or credit union can issue any card their customer wants, anytime and anywhere they need it. This is another step in our ongoing effort to help financial institutions enhance their customer experience and deepen customer relationships.”

Cards can be personalized using flat or embossed print on blank or custom pre-printed card stock. Images printed on the cards are available in four color or monochrome print. Other features include PIN selection and change, optional forms and PIN mailers and magnetic stripe coding.

Cardholders can select a custom image for new cards, which are integrated with the financial institution’s EFT, card management and core systems. Re-issues and other large card orders are processed through central control to ensure any mailed replacement completely matches the original card issued in-house.

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