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Dynamics introduces branded magnetic stripe on Longaberger ePlate Visa

visa_logo-300x173Dynamics, a company that designs and manufactures intelligent battery-powered payment devices and payment platforms, recently introduced the first fully branded magnetic stripe on the newly issued Longaberger ePlate Visa card.

The previously plain magnetic stripe has been integrated into the card design and features the company’s signature weave of an American flag.

“We created the technology for the branded magnetic stripe to provide our partners with an additional branding reinforcement that no other card offers, as well as an extra layer of wear and tear protection on the card,” Dynamics CEO Jeff Mullen said.

The cards were previously unbranded, but the new Longaberger version offers two branded designs on the front—the Longaberger basket branding or their signature weave design.

Additionally, the new branded stripe provides an extra layer of scratch and wear and tear resistance.

Users are offered over 50 rewards on the card, with the ability to choose before each swipe by pressing one of two buttons on the front of the card. Users assign rewards to the two buttons using their mobile devices, and then push the button for the reward they want. A button on the card lights up to indicate which reward was selected and activates the rewritable magnetic stripe.

The new Longaberger ePlate Visa card allows users to earn a signed Longaberger basket valued at $300—a six percent reward—or to earn a $15 gift certificate for any Longaberger merchandise after spending $500 with the selected Longaberger reward.

Longaberger, which has expressed dedication to American-made products, has offered hand-crafted baskets, pottery and other home décor items for 4 years.

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