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Discover joins FIDO Alliance’s board of directors

Discover_Card_logoDiscover recently announced that it has joined the Fast IDentity Online Alliance, an industry consortium that is working to standardize authentication protocols, and that it has been appointed to the group’s board of directors.

FIDO members pledge to share technology and collaborate to develop standards-based specifications for authentication protocols that will make passwords less necessary. FIDO was formed in 2012 to address a lack of interoperability between authentication technologies and to address issues faced by password users.

“The implementation of a fast and secure authentication method will allow us to both serve our customers and protect their information better, improving the overall customer experience,” Daniel Almenara, the vice president of authentication and decision infrastructure solutions at Discover, said. “Discover is committed to the continued improvement of universal authentication standards. We look forward to contributing the resources and expertise to these discussions on stronger authentication and more secure methods.”

Open FIDO specs are expected to support a number of authentication technologies, including biometrics and existing communications standards. The standards are being crafted to accommodate future innovations and to protect existing investments—they allow the interaction of different technologies under a single infrastructure.

“Our Board of Directors and the whole financial services community are stronger today as we welcome Discover Financial Services to the FIDO Alliance,” Michael Barrett, the president of FIDO Alliance, said. “True to its reputation, Discover continues to lead the financial services industry in innovation and service to the individual. Their commitment to FIDO authentication will improve millions of Discover users’ experiences, and equip Discover merchants with advanced management controls over risk.”

Other FIDO board members include Lenovo, Google, BlackBerry, CrucialTec, MasterCard, Microsoft, Nok Nok Labs, NXP Semiconductors, Oberthur Technologies, PayPal, Validity and Yubico.

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