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Agiliance launches PCI-compliant content pack to prevent retailer data breaches

AgilianceAgiliance announced last week the release of its 3.0 PCI-compliant content pack designed to help retailers and other entities that handle sensitive cardholder information prevent fraud and data breaches.

The 3.0 content pack is based on new PCI DSS 3.0 information security standards, which retailers are expected to quickly adopt in light of the recent data breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels.

The pack provides organizations regulated by PCI security standards with a framework to maintain continuous security monitoring, thereby reducing failure to comply risks and subsequent monetary costs.

Additionally, Agiliance’s RiskVision allows organizations to gather and review data and assessment results to identify control gaps that could be exploited by cyberattackers.

“One of the most significant changes introduced with PCI DSS 3.0 is the concept of making compliance a daily event, instead of an annual check-box fire drill to comply with an audit,” Torsten George, the vice president of worldwide marketing and products at Agiliance, said. “Continuous compliance is a considerable challenge that requires the rethinking of existing processes, including the tools organizations use to gather and analyze data. Agiliance RiskVision and the Agiliance PCI 3.0 Content Pack provide the controls, data automation, data aggregation, and workflow engine to streamline the overall compliance process and reduce the risk of data breaches.”

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