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Qubit to open new office in New York City

QubitCustomer experience management platform Qubit announced on Tuesday that, as a result of the company’s 240 percent year-over-year growth, it will open a new office in New York City to provide enhanced support to professionals seeking to boost conversion rates.

Qubit helps marketers and e-commerce professionals boost conversion rates through AB testing, personalization and tag management and consolidated visitor analytics integrated into a single platform.

“Retailers say that their top priorities in 2013 are improving their site’s conversion rates and redesigning their site experience — in other words, optimizing their site’s overall performance,” Sucharita Mulpuru, the vice president and principal analyst at eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals and co-author of Forrester Research’s analysis of key metrics and initiatives, said. “Many retailers specifically called out plans to focus on the checkout experience and to adjust their site to accommodate a responsive design. A few retailers mentioned that marketing optimization and marketing effectiveness, including search engine optimization, were goals for 2013; but for the most part, many companies appear to take increasing marketing costs as a given.”

The technology enables marketers to create personalized website experiences to push conversion rates upward. On average, Qubit increases conversion rates by 20 percent within six months.

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